The 2019 Chevy Colorado is a Great Choice for a Midsized Truck

Pretty much anywhere you shop for a pickup, including at our Winston Salem, NC Chevy dealership, the full-sized truck segment rules the day. But as drivers these days refocus on efficiency and better everyday driving dynamics, midsized and smaller trucks are making their case. None are better than the well-rounded and well-equipped new 2019 Chevy Colorado that we have here at our Winston Salem dealership. Offering a range from the bare-bones base setup to a fully equipped, fully loaded midsized pickup, the Colorado is a great choice for your first truck here in North Carolina, or if you're seeking something that's not as big as our Silverado models.



Just because it's smaller than the more-popular full-sized trucks doesn't meant the Colorado is lacking in its capabilities and usefulness. Three different engines – a base four-cylinder, a V-6 and a turbocharged four – provide you with varying degrees of capabilities in your Colorado, and depending on your uses and needs, we'll match you up with the right setup. With a max available tow rating of 7,700 pounds, the Colorado provides the right amount of utility for a light trailer or anything else you'll want to hitch up to your truck.

Along with a couple cab styles – extended and crew – and a pair of bed lengths, the Colorado comes in five trims. The base edition is sparsely equipped and highly affordable, if that's what works for you, while moving up to the higher levels adds all kinds of amenities like driver aids, infotainment upgrades and performance-minded equipment.

If a full-sized truck is too big, choose the new 2019 Colorado here at Modern Chevrolet in Winston Salem today, and we'll find you the right edition for your needs.

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