Consider This Oil Change F.A.Q. For Your Chevy

Whether you've just bought the latest new Spark, Equinox or Silverado 1500 here at our Winston Salem, NC Chevy dealership, or you're trying to expand the lifespan of an older model, having regular oil changes is an important part of owning any vehicle. But you probably have several questions regarding this kind of routine maintenance, which we're happy to answer. Check out the frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.) below, then get your next oil change at the service center here at Modern Chevrolet in Winston Salem.



Chevrolet Oil Change F.A.Q.

  • How often should I get my Chevy's oil changed? When you buy your next Chevy, we'll go over your maintenance schedule, which includes monthly and mileage intervals for oil changes. Generally, anywhere from every 3,000 to 5,000 miles is around when you'll want an oil change.
  • Can I change my own oil? If you have the tools and know-how to change your oil go ahead, but in today's modern vehicles, including those from Chevrolet, it can be a lot trickier without professional level equipment and a facility like our service center to handle something like an oil change. You'll be better off leaving it to the pros here in Winston Salem.
  • What's the difference between a full oil change or topping it off? When changing your oil, some independent shops might offer to just "top it off," but at the right intervals, you'll really want a full oil change. That way, we replace and replenish all the right kind of oil for your car, getting rid of any impurities that build up over time.

Is your Chevy ready for its next oil change? Take a moment to schedule service at Modern Nissan in Winston Salem today and we'll be happy to get you on your way in nom time.

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