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Choose the New 2018 Chevrolet Malibu for Your Next Ride
Compare with the Camry, Fusion and 200 in Winston Salem

How do you pick the perfect car? Test driving several is smart, and we're happy to have you here at our Winston Salem, NC Chevrolet dealership serving  High Point, Greensboro, Kernersville, Mt Airy and Lexington so you can try out the model of your choice. If you're looking for a blend of efficient commuting and family-friendly safety and comfort, choose the new 2018 Chevrolet Malibu over any other midsized sedan.

There are certainly plenty of options in that segment, including the new Malibu. To give you an idea why this new Chevy is the way to go, we're comparing the Malibu with the Toyota Camry, Ford Fusion and Chrysler 200, all in their base trim editions, so keep that in mind when you consider adding more options and features.

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Chevy Malibu vs Toyota Camry in Winston Salem

The Toyota Camry has long held the top spot for the best-selling midsized sedan in the country, but it really gets by on name recognition. While we'd love more drivers to choose the dynamic new Chevy Malibu for travels around High Point and Greensboro, the popularity of the Camry makes it a far costlier model. You'll also find plenty of other advantages beyond the cost with the new Malibu, which comes available with a couple turbocharged engine options and a wealth of features. See below how the Malibu bests the Camry, then visit today.

  • The price is an important factor, and the Malibu starts off considerably more affordable than the popular Camry. This will allow you to choose a higher trim of the Malibu with more features while sticking to your budget.
  • For that lower price, you get a five-year / 60,000-mile roadside assistance program with the new Malibu, while that kind of protection plan would be an added cost with the Camry.
  • The trunk cargo space in the Malibu is considerably larger than what's offered with the Camry. While a midsized sedan isn't the perfect cargo hauler, having that extra storage space in the new Chevy Malibu can be a huge advantage for loading up with groceries, luggage and other items you need to transport.

Chevy Malibu vs Ford Fusion in Winston Salem

This time we're comparing two of the most popular American midsized sedans, with the Malibu stacked up against the new 2018 Ford Fusion. As one of the most affordable midsized sedans on the market, the Malibu again bests the competition when it comes to the starting price, making it a great choice if your budget is playing an important factor when you shop here in the Mt. Airy area. See what else makes the new Malibu your best bet for a versatile sedan, then come on over to Modern Chevrolet today for a test drive.

  • Along with the lower starting price, the Malibu scores much higher than the Fusion when it comes to long-lasting reliability. Especially if you decide to purchase your next midsized sedan, this is an important factor as you'll want to keep maintenance and repair costs lower across several years, while the Fusion is going to hurt more in the wallet when you try to keep it in its best shape.
  • Fuel efficiency is hugely important when it comes to a sedan you'll use for your daily commuting, and the Malibu starts off with a considerable advantage in mpgs when stacked up against the Fusion. This is the case when comparing base level engines, and when you choose the upgrades, the available turbocharged 2.0-liter with the Malibu and the optional V-6 with the Fusion.
  • Beyond commuting, you'll find the Malibu is perfect for driving the family around, which means safety is a priority. When rated, the Malibu bests the Fusion, and the Chevy sedan includes a unique teen driver system that allows parents to monitor the speed, audio volume and location of the car when being used by the younger driver in your family who's just starting out on the road.

Chevy Malibu vs Chrysler 200 in Winston Salem

Another midsized sedan from the U.S., the Chrysler 200 - which hasn't been released for the 2018 model year yet - eschews more desirable features and amenities for a more luxurious look, while the Malibu remains the affordable and sensible ride for all your daily travels. The available AWD with the new 200 is one of the only advantages it has over the Malibu, and that's a feature you won't really need around the Kernersville and Lexington areas. Furthermore, adding AWD will only decrease your fuel efficiency and increase the cost, which is already higher than the Malibu.

  • When it comes to sticking with your budget, the Malibu is going to take your dollar further. Even if you choose a higher trim with more advanced features, you most likely won't spend more on the Chevy sedan than a similar setup of the new 200.
  • Fuel economy favors the Malibu, both in terms of city and combined mpgs, where you'll have to get on the highway for comparable efficiency with the new 200. Choose the Malibu for daily commuting and you'll spend less at the fuel pumps.
  • The Malibu comes with an extra year of corrosion / rust thru protection, making it a better long-term investment with more coverage for important repairs compared to what kind of warranty agreement comes with the new 200.