Is Your Check Engine Light On?

Check Engine Lights and What They May Mean

If you are enjoying a nice evening out or are sitting in traffic when suddenly you glance down at your dashboard and notice there's a light. Rather than feeling panic, as most of us do, our team asks that you remain calm and consider the following before getting too worked up:

If The Light Is Flashing

Flashing lights serve as warnings to alert us to the threat of danger or that caution needs to be taken when proceeding. This is no different than you car, truck, or SUV's dashboard, because whether the light is amber or red, it is indicating that an immediate problem is present and requires attention. This may indicate a number of issues, including:

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  • Engine Oil Levels, where red is worse than amber or yellow
  • Coolant levels or temperature
  • Brake warning, indicating possible need for replacement or repair

Pull over when it is safe to do so and contact our service team immediately if you notice any of these lights flashing.

If The Light Is Not Flashing

This is typically an indicator that minor service or fluid refill is necessary. Sometimes this is just alerting you to things like:

  • An open door, trunk, or hood
  • Low gas levels, wiper fluid, or minor issue easily remedied
  • It is time for your next routine appointment, such as an oil change, usually indicated by the check engine light

Regardless of the reason for your warning light, only our team can really be certain what the cause is or how to fix it, so don't hesitate to contact us or schedule an appointment. We realize that our Winston Salem, Greensboro, and High Point customers are busy, which is why our staff at Modern Chevrolet is prepared to do what we can to get you in and out so you can continue enjoying your Chevrolet model without a big disruption to your routine. Contact us for more information and let us help you maintain your vehicle's health for as long as possible.